Blindspot Wireless Announces the Launching of the “National Wireless Highway Safety Network”

Blindspot Wireless, Inc., (“Company”) a wholly owned subsidiary of WebSafety, Inc. (OTCBB:WBSI), announces a major breakthrough in highway safety. Today, Blindspot Wireless launched the “National Wireless Highway Safety Network,” a network designed to deal with the critical problem of runaway and lawless texting.

Based upon proprietary technology, the software application electronically forces the driver of a vehicle to stop the vehicle in order to send or read text or email messages, thereby removing a distracted driver from the highway.

This software application may eliminate auto and truck accidents caused by texting.


Blindspot Wireless’ technology works on a variety of supported phones on the four major wireless carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. The software is easy to install and use. The user goes to this site and follows the easy instructions to download the software onto the user’s wireless phone.

Currently, Blindspot Wireless’ software works on the Blackberry, Android and Symbian wireless operating systems. The wireless phone must have a GPS chip to utilize the software.

The price of the annual software license is being package as a single device or 2 or more devices. Through Websafety a user can protect a mobile phones as well as a computers. Annual pricing starting at $149.99 for one phone, or 3 phones for $249.99. The option to cover a computers is the same. The FamilySafety ComboPlan is (4) PCS & (3) Cell Phones. $499.99.


Because it is so important to get this service in the homes of families today, WebSafety will offer a 20% referral fee for anyone you refer to the company. Refer just 10 friends and you would have an entire FamilySafety Plan paid for. Learn more about their affiliate referral plan.

During the past four months, hearings have been held in U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives regarding distracted driving. According to Webwire, as disclosed on November 14, 2009, “There are over 200 pieces of legislation pending at the federal, state and local levels to address texting and driving, including Senator Schumer’s ALERT Drivers Act.”

According to Rowland W. Day II, CEO of the Company, “Our software works on the major brands of wireless phones on all four major wireless carriers. We now offer a national solution for the distracted driver. Although 29 states have made texting and driving illegal at many levels and federal employees have been banned from texting while driving pursuant to a Presidential order, there has not been a mechanism to enforce these laws until now. We are pleased to offer a national enforcement solution to a national problem. We know this software is 'Driven to Save Lives.'"

Blindspot Wireless, Inc. (WebSafety) is the leading provider of software that disables the texting and emailing functions of a wireless phone in a moving vehicle. The software works on the major wireless operating systems, including Blackberry, Android and Symbian system and works on wireless phones on all four of the major wireless carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. The Company is the creator of the “National Wireless Highway Safety Network.” Driven to save lives.